Does the second Epithet get its own die?

There’s a Boon that gives you a second Epithet. The manual adds:

If both your Epithets apply to a contest, you may roll two Epithet dice

And the Boon that improves your Epithet die simply reads:

Advance your Epithet die to d8

It was bothering me that the character sheet has no dedicated space for the second Epithet, but then I realized you’re supposed to write the second Epithet in the same slot as the first one, and both Epithets use the same “Epithet die”, so you simply add another copy of it when both Epithets apply.

I’d appreciate confirmation on this. If I have the second Epithet boon and the D8 Epithet boon, when I use both Epithets, do I get 2D8 or 1D8+1D6?

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They use the same die, so you’d get 2d8 in your example.