Dogs of War: play Nazi hunters in a pulp WWII war movie

Finally have have gotten the stink of 2020 off of me and started working on my hack again. It’s a take on pulp WWII war movies like Dirty Dozen or Inglorious Basterds. If you’ve got any thoughts about it I’d love to get feedback.

I’m particularly interested in what people think about Push Your Luck instead of Devil’s Bargains. And using a lucky charm instead of armor. Do they seem too overpowered?

Also what about using different types of loot instead of coin? Is it too complicated? I like that it gives you a reason to do different types of missions. I really like how BoB has different rewards for different missions.

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I love it. I don’t really have more to add - lots of great flavour, it’s easy imagine this being fun at the table. I imagine Push Your Lucky is quite powerful, mechanically, but I’m not enough of a statistics guy to comment further on that. I would probably cap lucky charm uses at a certain number. I also like the different kinds of loot.

Thanks! Coming up with thematic abilities was definitely the most fun.

My understanding of the math is that rerolling is in the ballpark of adding a die in terms of odds. It depends on how many dice you are rolling but someone else may know better. The advantage of rerolling is you only use it when you know you already missed. Sometimes my players are reluctant to “waste” a devils bargain if they think they can succeed without.

Rerolling a miss also has such emotional weight. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as it were. It’s a real roller coaster.

The use of the lucky charm is limited in that you have to spend contraband during downtime to refresh it. It doesn’t automatically refresh like armor. You start with one box and gain a box every tier. At final tier you’ll have four boxes which is a lot but you’re also going to be getting hit with machine guns and grenades so you do need to be able to resist stuff. Still need to play test higher levels.