Doskvol Dalliances

I just started running my first Blades in the Dark campaign last night and we streamed it! We created a strange but professional Shadows crew and ran a quick score - character and crew creation took the bulk of the 3 hour session.
I posted a summary or you can watch on YouTube. I was pretty nervous, although I’ve played BitD as well as S&V, and hopefully next week we can smooth out some of the rough spots.


Favorite moment of the first session?

Good question! Other than the obvious moment of finally getting the crew created, I liked how they plunged the bridge into darkness - it was a very creepy moment!

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We just played Session 15 and the whole playlist (except for Session 7 which was lost to the ether) is online. This Saturday night we’ll stream the season finale and take a very short hiatus while we look at some changes and set up some maps.