Down By Law


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Hi folks, I’ve been kicking around the idea of a courtroom drama/legal thriller hack/extension/something to use as a supplemental mechanic for forged in the dark games.

I have not thought this through in much detail. the germ of the idea is to create a legal system mini game that can slot into a Forged in the Dark setting and support that sort of fiction generation. The goal would be to allow for trials and/or arguments in a way that has enough verisimilitude to be familiar while being flexible enough to adapt to different genres of game.

I got the idea listening to Delta Green actual play podcasts and thinking it would be cool if they had a way to interface with the courts and penal system. but that system isn’t copyleft so i’ve been looking at forged in the dark as a rules platform for writing something.

Is that something that anyone would have any interest in using or testing?

This is my first foray into game design, at least that I’m working on with the intent of public release. I’m still finding my footing but I decided it was time to stop lurking.


I’m working on and off on a Forged in the Dark game about running a fantasy business, I’m calling it Dragonscale Road. I’ve definitely considered courtroom scenes as a primary area of conflict, I was thinking they’d probably get their own Engagement Roll, but other than that, I hadn’t considered other dedicated rules.
Did you have some stuff in mind? Dragonscale isn’t quite ready to playtest, but when it is, I’d definitely be interested in trying your system.