Downtime Activities, Vice, friend or contact helps

the manual said:

For any downtime activity, take +1d to the roll if a friend or contact helps you.

the purveyor of vice is considered to be a “friend or contact”?

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I wouldn’t say so. I don’t think it’s clearly stated in the book, but if you’re indulging your vice, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to take a +1d just because you’re indulging your vice with the help of your purveyor. It’s assumed you’re doing that anyway, and receiving +1d to your indulge vice roll each time would be quite a big deal. However, if you’re using the help of your purveyor to do something other than indulge your vice and you have a real relationship going on with that person, then yes, I’d take that +1d. It’s for you or the GM to decide whether you’re close enough with your purveyor to consider him a friend/ contact.

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