Dungeon Local 001 - Reverse Dungeon Crawling Forged in the Dark

Dungeon Local 001 is a reverse dungeon crawler for 2-6 players where you play dungeon denizens retaking their home after the death of their overlord. I’ll be crowdfuning the game this month to do a print run and hire an artist for cover art and internal art.

The preview for the Kickstarter is now live! Follow along to get the game early, physical zines, personalized copies, and see how the game comes together! The project goes live on February 15th.

Preview of the cover

Dungeon Local lets players go behind the typical GM screen and make their own dungeon full of unique encounters, characters, and magical loot. Players tell the story of the dungeon through random encounters and memories and play characters composed of jobs (what they had to do when the dragon was alive) and their passions (the things they really want to do).

Preview of the Freelancer job

I’ve made several changes to the overall Blades in the Dark rules:

Simple Characters

Each job comes with a single special ability that gives them a mechanical benefit. Each job also lists unique benefits and consequences that trigger when they make an action roll. A mixed success for a freelancer is different than a mixed success for a cultist, or an engineer. If you assist each other everyone involved has their consequences trigger on a failure or a mixed success!

Action rolls are based on a simple question and answer system:

  • Is this their passion? +1d
  • Was this their job? +1d
  • Will they push their luck? Mark 1 stress and get +1d
  • Is another character helping them? They mark 1 stress and you get +1d.

Characters have harm and stress tracks that fill has they push themselves and explore the dungeon. When a track fills the crew must make camp where players can further define their characters and the dungeon. You describe your camp, decide who is responsible for cooking food, and share memories about the dungeon.

Make a new Kind of Dungeon

Dungeon Local 001 is all about dungeon denizens free from their oppressor. They can now pursue their passions, make the dungeon safe, and imagine what this new community looks like. Character’s passions and memories help bring the dungeon to life, and random encounters provide prompts for the players to map the dungeon, create a history, and a new community. At the end of the game you have a dungeon populated with treasure, traps, and other obstacles you can use in other, more popular fantasy role playing games.

I’ll share more once the Kickstarter goes live on February 15th!

Dungeon Local 001 is now live on Kickstarter!


Get yourself early access to the digital edition, physical zine, personalized copies, and help me pay for an awesome artist to fill the game with awesome art!

Coming up on the last day Dungeon Local 001 will be crowdfunding! Thanks everyone for the tremendous support, looking forward to sharing the game with everyone soon!


Dungeon Local 001 is now live! The backers have their digital copies, now you can too!

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Quite a lot changed in development on this one, but it still delivers a fun and very streamlined FitD experience. The action roll got boiled down to everyone roll 1d6 to get folks involved and to show the character always working together as a collective. Characters just became their jobs, with things like passions and memories getting integrated into the action roll results and downtime actions.

Hardest part? Convincing folks that their dungeon art doesn’t have to be good in order to have fun. :smiley: