Dusken Slime, Saps, and Oozes

Posted this in the discord for our weekly workshop topic and thought to also post here as well. What will you come up with?

Slime, Saps and Oozes Week ”There are many substances created, supernatural, and of the natural world. Production of sap or discharge should be used to our advantage and for the glory of the Immortal Emperor.” -Quote by the virtuous Sir Hubble Heisenberg

What viscosity does it have? Where does it come from? What alchemical or magical properties does it have? What horrors are linked in such a substance?

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Subject 1: Hollow, 38 years of age. Akerosi. fully consumed by Leviathan Blood - no reaction. Resultant liquid has the “consistency of thin gruel” according to Dr. Chambers.
Subject 2: ‘Intact’ Akerosi, 19 years of age. Partial absorption by charged LB fluid. Some reaction. Partially animated skeleton, liquid replacing musculature for articulation. Glows in the dark.
Subject 3: ‘Intact’ Tycherosi, indeterminate age. Good reaction. Subject fully absorbed by charge LB fluid. Dr. Chambers fled the laboratory on account of the terrible screaming - note: subject anaesthetised during procedure, so screaming good indication of self-awareness of the resultant sludge. Thick grey-green sludge results, marbled with red (veins?). Strong emotional resonance. Potentially trainable, alas completely dissolved under arc-light. Further testing requires purchase of more Tycherosi subject.


I like the way you think, may have to steal some of those.

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