Effect above Great Effect

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about effects in game that can take the players “above” Great effect. The rules in BoB (and other FitD) game detail the existence of three Effect levels, and then a fourth (Extreme) when dealing with criticals.

My original interpretation of the rules was that these three were the only ones available for me to chose from - so even if the players had a huge Threat and/or scale advantage over their opponent the best they can achieve is Great effect (3 ticks) and reaching Extreme (4 ticks) if they get the all important critical.

However a lot of the discussion in BoB, especially the examples about Effect examples imply the existence of levels above these three. I’ve also heard there are actual plays out there with Straas where huge clocks are filled up very quickly because these extra imaginary effect levels open up the possibility of 5, 6 even more ticks in one action. An example that immediately comes to mind is the Snipers Aim ability - spending uses of Aim to increase effect really high to get a bunch of ticks.

So my question is which interpretation is correct? I have a feeling it is the second and that I should be allowing my players the ability to fill clocks up fast if they put in the legwork. My second question is how should this be described to the table? RAW I only have three words to use - Limited, Standard, and Great but based on this other interpretation should I instead be telling players something like “Okay this is a risky roll but because you’ve pushed and used some Aim the effect is really Great. 5 ticks on a success!”

I know I’m being pedantic with some of this but just want to fully understand it all before I start playing.


Yep there are only names for some levels of effect, but the mechanics continue to behave the same even when you go beyond those names.

E.g against a lone scale 1 Elite you happen to start calculating at great because fiction, you have scale 3, potency, trade position for effect, setup for effect, you’re all soldiers and specialists, that’s already 3+2+1+1+1-0=8, and you can come up with scenarios well above that.