Elite Weakness

One of the intel questions the Commander can ask is about what weakness an Elite, that the Legion has encountered, might have.

The commander in my game used that last week to ask about Horrors and I came up totally blank because it wasn’t something I’d thought about. Luckily they weren’t going on a mission that had any Horrors.

I’m just curious what sorts of weaknesses people have used for the various undead in their campaigns.

When Stras was GMing our game and we asked questions like this he usually gave us situational answers. I think there was one horror that was built like a catapult. Super deadly but limited up close. So he said “if you can get inside it’s reach, there won’t be nearly as much it can do to you” or something like that.

When we asked about the Doctor he recommenced we separate him from his minions, etc.

Those kinds of answers are less “horros are vulnerable to black shot” (which, duh) and more “here’s some approaches you can take that would improve your position or effect”.

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Horrors? A few ideas.

Horrors are vulnerable to heat (or alchemical fire). When one says they are “sewn” together, this is not really sewing: it’s a combination of alchemy, bounding spells and flesh-welding. Heat strong enough would separate some or all of the body parts from the Horror.

Horrors with several heads have the advantage of more resilience and awareness. But confuse each head separately… and they will give conflicting orders to the body. Very effective if you can get it.

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I’m fond of mental/character defects when describing weaknesses. “Horrors are not very smart and have trouble communicating with others.” “Devourers are intelligent predators but they are bound completely to the Shadow Witch who rides them and cannot deviate from their orders.”