Engagement Rolls & Veteran

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Veteran: Is everyone on the mission a Specialist or Soldier? Take +1d.
Rookies are not Specialists or Soldiers, so if your squad includes any Rookies, you do not get this die.

Are this options really happened to anyone? (sorry for my english).
Yesterday night was playing our Band of Blades session, I’m the Marshal and reading, again, this question and the bonus dice made me angry because seems to me that we can never achive/reach the situation.

Later in the game, the Marshal can rearrange squads to put all soldiers in one squad for a very hard mission. So it is very much a possibility.

Unless all your players wants to play rookies and only play one squad most of the time, it is unlikely that you will promote 5 rookies to soldiers without anyone dying in the process.

Soldiers can be moved around as Dr_NANO suggested. It’s very common as soldiers promote to make one squad of all-soldiers. You almost never send that squad on secondary missions (or you lose soldiers) but it’s not uncommon after say ~5-6 missions.

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I remember when we combined the solders from the Grinning Ravens and the Shattered Lions, they were a FORCE to be reckoned with!


Yeah, we combined soldiers from two squads to create the “Furious Eagles” squad, sent along two specialists and Shreya with Battle Saint to trap and kill Blighter.

Since in the fiction those squads had worked in the past together to serve as rearguard and harass the advancing undead, they were used to work together and it did not create discipline problems.

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