Epic Battles question

Hi there. Really enjoying reading the game and looking forward to running it next month at a “local” (online) con.

I have a question about whether I’m reading the rules right: I think that if you go into battle against an enemy with the Epic tag then you will have to take three points of Pathos (or spend equivalent Bonds to protect yourself). It’s one for each contest in the battle, right?

By default, yes, you have to pay the cost in each contest roll. But if you want to go easy on the heroes at the beginning of your series, you might only charge them once for the entire battle.

Either way works.

Our Heroes just faced an Epic Battle last night! And, yeah, they had to mark Pathos each time.

It was the third Island they have faced and it is interesting to see how their approach to Pathos/Fate has changed over time. At first they were careful to spend it but now they are playing looser once they realized they can pick up some Boons through the Fate track.

Because Pathos clears after each Island you do have some flexibility in when you might want to use it as it doesn’t endlessly pile up.

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Thanks for the quick confirmation.