Expanding the blades sheets (Job/operation sheet)

I am absolutely loving the blades sheets on roll20. As someone prepping to run their first game (if i can find GMT players interested)

I thought about storing each job as an object / handout and am using the faction sheet mode to hold the info specific to the job. This has given me the ability to record the faction status actions, rewards, notes, devils bargains and notable actions as well as clock specific to the job. I found some benefits to this from holding the faction status penalties when the outcome is not known narratively by NPC’s or simply holding chronicle of jobs the players have completed.

I’m not at present considering doing a mod of the sheets to make an operation sheet (as the faction mode and character info is enough) for me but curious if anyone else does this or has a sheet idea for an operation to store them in the character/handout bar of roll20

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I’m a GMT player - well GM at the moment - and, depending on time and day, I’d be interested.

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Hi Paul
I’m currently sorting out my housing situation in 2020 but provided december isn’t stressful i should be advertising on roll20 and have a thread below for LFG (there’s a google forms link in the thread)


I generally don’t offer the players complete jobs, just opportunities, because I never know wth they’ll decide to do.

During and after the job I do note down what happened in a gdoc, and my last campaign I used this template:

#Score Name (template)

* Type:
* Target:
* Location:
* Payoff (supply/rep):
* Friction:

Entanglements, faction status changes:

Notes, Events, Clocks:

I just copy-pasted that a bunch of times and wrote in stuff during the game and during payout.
The names are a bit different because we played Glow in the Dark.

For some reason I’m not using it in my current campaign, so my notes are even more disorganized than usual :sweat_smile:

If you want to keep it in roll20 I’d advice using handouts instead of character sheets, to avoid cluttering up that section. There’s also a forum function in roll20 for your game you could use.


This is pretty much what i’ve done as well. I tried to model the process based on the book. I was meaning for it to be more of a way to chronicle jobs in the sheets system, but as you say there are lots of ways to record this. The faction sheets and the character info screen is enough space for me to do this i think.

I might take a look at how the sheets work and make an “operation log” form that could be used. He he my roll20 side bar is very full, thankfully there are folders for holding things or i’d never find anything!

Unless you know your way around html and css and other nonsense, I wouldn’t put my time into editing the sheets :slight_smile:
I’ve done some really light editing on the Glow and Fistful of Darkness sheets, and it’s a pain :sweat_smile: