External Containment Bureau Kickstarter

Welcome prospective agents, to the External Containment Bureau! I and the team are collaborating to bring you a doozy of a game this February for Zine Quest 3 and I thought I’d stop by to explain a few things!

In ECB, players will take on the role of Agents working in secret to Identify sources of paranormal activity, Obfuscate its existence, and Contain the threat.

You’ll be sent out on missions to investigate locations of interest, seal interdimensional portals, and collect items infused with Resonance, a measure of the external forces seeking to intrude on our reality.

Being an Agent is easy. After each foray you’ll have to answer to your director. You might get caught up in inter-department drama, be transferred to a new department, or develop amazing psychic powers.

Manage your Resonance, work closely with your partners, and you might just earn yourself a commendation. Get too close to the phenomena and you’re bound to become one yourself.

As the core entry in the [Redacted Materials] collection, ECB is designed to be easy to understand and a breeze to play. Character creation is quick and each mission is easily created with a handful of improvised elements.

Not a fan of the X-Files or Control? That’s OK. ECB is simple to hack with clear directions and a focus on improvisational play. If there’s a mystery to be solved, the [Redacted Materials] collection will get it done.

If this is of interest to you, feel free to ask questions here and subscribe to our Kickstarter at the link below!



Justin - is this FitD or Paragon? Thanks!

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This is a stripped down and rebuilt Forged in the Dark game.

We are building a light weight game for constructing and engaging with mysteries using FITD staples and our own special brand of weirdness.

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Holy shoot the Kickstarter is LIVE


It’s awesome!

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Just backed this. I read thru the notes on Kickstarter and I like the approach used for Trauma. It sounds like it’s not always a negative for the character other than they will be out of the game. Oh and the team is now tasked with hunting them down.


Yeah, Resonance is actually how you gain access to wild psychic abilities, the downside being you will eventually become detached from the work of the Bureau and, possibly, less human.

But Transcendence isn’t an inherently negative event, the immense energy output of such an occurrence can even get your team out of hot water, you just won’t be around to lead them anymore!


We’ve launched the itchio and drivethru pages for pdf copies of the game. We’ll have a print option later on.

Itchio: https://mythicgazetteer.itch.io/external-containment-bureau

Drivethru: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/366807/External-Containment-Bureau