Faction Allies Error in S&V book

Hey all! First post, I didn’t find a matching topic. I noticed a likely typo in the book.

I was prepping for a mission where the crew faces The Church of Stellar Flame and the Agony. For inspiration, I looked at their entries, in particular their allies & enemies. And I noticed that they had the same allies: Dyrinek Gang and the Maelstrom. I thought those were weird allies for both of them, and also weird that they would share allies.

A quick check up shows that:

  • These factions aren’t listed as allies in the entries for Dyrinek Gang and the Maelstrom
  • The Cobalt Syndicate and the Starless Veil also list these allies.

These allies appear right for Cobalt, but I think there was a copy/paste gaffe with the other 3.

Doing a quick comparison with factions, I think the proper entries for the allies of these factions is:
The Agony: Vigernons.
Church of Stellar Flame: None
Starless Veil: Counters Guild, Hegemonic News Networks.

Hope this helps someone and sorry if this came up already.