Fall of the Red Planet - Sci-fi Superheroes (Alpha)


Emerging from the forges of “oh god why did i move my game to another planet”, Neon Heroes has been reborn as Fall of the Red Planet, superpowered roleplaying forged in the dark.

Fall of the Red Planet is a game about super-powered adventures in a fictional future city, a century after the colonization of Mars. In this world, so-called “Supers” have existed for a long time and in many varieties, and not so long ago they became part of the tools that founded a Totalitarian Empire on the Red Planet. This is a game about fast-paced, hard-hitting action, tension and intrigue in a sci-fi world that aims to be grounded in humanity, and as familiar as it is fantastic. Player Characters are driven, powerful and influential. Forged in the dark turned up to 11.

All of it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m4vYY9hvpUb7iB0yTh-Jrl0XCp6yHk2nMmfv7u1YZYY/edit?usp=sharing
Now including:

  • Full basic rules, including Origins & Drives, Powers, Renown & Infamy, and cohorts
  • Basic descriptions of Megacity Seven and its Factions
  • 10 Character Playbooks, highly re-vamped since the setting change
  • 1 Crew Playbook for the playtest: Guardians work within their community, protecting it, and strengthening it against the forces that would attack it. (and more coming soon!)

i would absolutely love it if y’all took a look at my baby, let me know what you think! feel free to comment, question, critisize, tell me i’m missing obvious things, etc. - don’t hold back! :smile: