(Fan Broken) Clutcher


Heart Clutcher, Broken servant of the Cinder King

Clutcher was once Olia, priestess of Hearth, the Bartan god of love and compassion. A wanderer and a pacifist, Hearth drove Olia to preventing conflict and rekindle bonds. It was a shock to all when Hearth Chose in the face of a coming war. She traveled with the army, calming tensions, boosting morale, and healing soldiers with her ability to shape flesh and minds. It’s said Olia was the first to be broken at The Great Breaking while trying to sue for peace with the Cinder King and put an end to the war. Some even say she would have succeeded if not for Zora and Valaisim, who would accept nothing short of the Cinder King’s head.

Clutcher is writhing mass of flesh, the minor flesh manipulating powers she once had have been thrown out of control by the corruption. She cries out with need and desire, grasping any within arms reach close, spreading her corruption. She is not a skilled tactician and some might even say she is mad, but there is a method to her madness and her followers jump to her command faster than any other broken.

Stalker Horror: being watched, being deceived, jealousy, obsession, things usually good turning sour, hurting those who do not hate you.


Clutcher called the blessed of Hearth to her and held them to her corrupted bosom. Gremlins can appear in any mission.


Clutcher holds her favored friends close, letting her warping flesh wash over them. Succubus can appear in any mission.

Clutcher corrupts the spirits of mist in the mountains and steals from them Whistful Essence. Watchers can appear in any mission.

Clutcher has grown a network of spies and informants so vast the Legion is incapable of making moves she is not aware of. All engagement roles that rely on stealth or secrecy get -1d.

Clutcher has placed lines of trepidation and insecurity in the minds of the Legion. The Liberty action increases morale by one less.

Clutcher sends representatives far ahead of her troops and already has a relationship in areas before you arrive. New locations the Legion visits have 1 pressure to begin.

Clutcher shares her corrupt flesh with her servants. All legionnaires who come in physical contact with any of Clutcher’s troops gain +1 corruption.

Clutcher’s troops express more and more of their humanity. Engagement rolls for Assault missions get -1d.


Clutcher’s troops are mostly Friendlies (10 to 16) usually supported by two Gifters and 2-5 gremlins who guide them. Without supervision, Friendlies tend to run in a frantic disorganized manor in search of living to drag back to Clutcher even if they don’t know where to find them. Line troops are considered threat 1 opponents.

FRIENDLIES: Warped with huge grins, tears constantly streaming down their face. Parts of their minds are still alive, stuck in an undead body that moves according to Clutcher’s will. The results vary, some crying out for help as their hands move to attack legionnaires, some entreat the legionnaires to join them, some beg for true death, and some smile silently. They tend to employ hooks, spiked chains, and nets in combat.

GIFTERS: Originally a holy order devoted to helping others, Gifters still offer help but at a terrible cost. Pacifists in life and still pacifists after the breaking, Gifters are known for saving legionnaires’ lives on the battlefield with emergency surgery, but the legionnaires are never the same after. In many battalions there is a standing order to expel anyone who’s gone under a Gifter’s knife.

Standard effect: corruption equal to threat level plus one

Additional healing effect: mark a healing box and mark corruption equal to the level of harm


GREMLINS: Flying creatures the size of children. Once blessed by Hearth, now share Clutcher’s curse. They are well known for stealing livestock, sabotaging machinery, burning crops, whatever they can to make people desperate and in need of aid. Aid that Clutcher is more than happy to provide.

SUCCUBUS: Undead who have been held to Clutcher’s bosom and given enough of her unstable flesh to give them minor shape changing powers, a greater control over their expressions, and the ability to pass as living. They spread love and corruption, well known for seduction, jealousy, and infiltrating camp followers.

WATCHERS: Undead infused with whistful essence, they phase from physical interaction for a time. Known for being spies, unnerving presences, and units that can calmly walk through fortifications or into the back lines and manifest themselves as a fighting force.


THE CLOCKMAKER: A Gifter who has overcome their pacifism by gifting bombs and clockwork horrors to Clutcher’s enemies. Known for installing traps and leaving deadly gifts for legionnaires.

PASSION: A succubus who flies into a blind rage upon being denied their passion, killing out of jealousy. Having stolen a vial of cinderblood, Passion can shape change into a huge muscular version of themselves, their flesh constantly writhing with transformation.

TOOTH FAIRY: A gremlin that has grown accustomed to stealing pieces of people instead of just their belongings. Carries large knives and pliers.


EMESARY: A friendly whose alive bits are totally committed to Clutcher, a devout believer. Comes to towns with Gifters and Succubus to offer gifts and turn the populous willingly.

MIND WORM: A Gifter who’s manifested the ability to gift individual’s minds. Suggestions, compulsions, false images, fears. He is often in Clutcher’s presence and some might wonder if the broken has become his puppet as well. Mind Worm was once known as soother who would use his powers to calm pain and grief and suffering.

GHOST BLOOD: A watcher assassin who has gained incredible control of their ability to phase in and out. Regularly kills by phasing into existence with their hand in the target’s chest. The only thing to do when Ghost Blood is after you is run longer than they can stay phased.


Definitely looking for feedback, I consider this more of a first or second draft. Thanks!

I really like the core conceit, but for me, if they were to be viable as a primary Broken, I think they need a little more muscle. Not a lot, I fully appreciate its not their core competency, but it’d be very hard to run early missions against Friendlies and Grifters alone.

One idea, which seems in keeping, is to flip Friendlies around - instead of being sad about their condition, make them fanatically happy about it, kept joyous by the presence of Gifters and Gremlins. And then they can be living suicidal fanatics, happy to do anything for Clutcher. Emphasises there are towns happily in her service, adds a little to the martial flavour, and means that where the Legion doesn’t get involved, she kinda gets what she wants. It also moves her away from Stormbreaker - instead of infiltrating, she converts.


Thanks for the input. I think I agree about the more muscle. All of my Elites are more intended to create consequences different from large harm and death. I often get a little bored with the basic physical harm consequences over and over again and I think I leaned away from it too hard. Perhaps I should switch out one of the Elites for one that is more about the murder death. Probably the Watchers.

I do think my Infamous and Lieutenants have plenty of murder death though. I built them in part for when the PCs get too overly cocky about their ability to fight Clutcher’s troops straight up.

As for the friendlies, I think they can be played a lot of different ways and maybe I should emphasize that more in the description. I mostly just want to keep the huge inhuman grin and the sliver of humanity still inside that makes the moral choice of killing them a little more fuzzy. I also really like the idea of legionnaires who have died showing back up as friendlies, a small part of their mind still in tact.

I really like what you have going on here. It feels like “what if Dolores Umbridge was undead and somehow even worse?” and I don’t think it needs more muscle, just more hostages. This is the horror of Stephen King’s Misery, the evil of an abusive or controlling spouse/parent/guardian. The person’ who knows “what’s best” for you. Lean into it!

It’s not a very good choice for an invading undead general, but it’s an excellent choice for the Broken who administrate the lands the Cinder King has conquered. A campaign where you’re moving through undead Potemkin villages filled with ersatz happiness.


I’m still trying to come up with a more directly threatening Elite.

I’m thinking something like a “Heart Breaker” that literally rips hearts out but I don’t think it would honestly play that well. I want something more threatening then just an assassin, something more like a Horror or Transformed or Heartless.

Maybe something with too many arms that hugs folks to death? I don’t know, anyone have any ideas?

What about something huge and paternalistic/maternalistic dedicated to “protecting” regular humans by bringing them into Clutcher’s flock? Something that treats people like sheep and acts like a shepherd?

Shepherds: These massive, 12’-15’ tall Elites carry large wicker baskets on their backs which they use to capture humans and bring them back to Clutcher’s lands. Shepherds are “nursed” by Clutcher for weeks, during which they gain thousands of pounds and double their height. Shepherds’ strength has potency but they prefer not to kill their enemies, instead taking them home to be converted.

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That’s great. I love that. I would love scenes of Legionnaires hiding while a Shepherd stalks around calling out for them and searching various spaces. Got my imagination off running.
My personal internal image of this Elite is evolving to be more matronly, overly harsh but “for your best interest”. Originally thinking heavy set but could do like, thin old severe lady. Either the Aunt Spiker or Aunt Sponge (James and the Giant Peach) archetypes.
One who would rap your knuckles with a wooden spoon but taken to a super extreme.
What about…

Hungry Mothers: These massive, 12’-15’ tall Elites are always either looking for folks to cook for or things to cook. Sometimes the two get mixed up. Hungry Mothers are regularly seen carrying massive steel soup pots full of living wielding massive steel ladles, swatting at the friendlies that dance around their skirt. Hungry Mothers are “nursed” by Clutcher for weeks, during which they gain thousands of pounds and double their height. Mothers’ strength has potency but they do not see the legionnaires as enemies by default but instead as children to be disciplined or looked after.

I love the image of Legionnaires shooting at this Epic and her roaring back “Put those guns down this instant before someone gets hurt” as she charges towards them.

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