(Fan Specialst) Troubadour

The Troubadour

When all seems lost it is the Troubadour that turns the tide of a mission. Excelling at overcoming impossible odds and leading troops against overpowering forces, the Troubadour is a beacon that reminds the troops that while they may fall this day, they will live on in songs and the annals of the legion.

Starting Abilities
1 in Songs
2 in Marshal
1 in Sway

Specialist Action
As a Troubadour you start with one rank in Songs. As with all specialist actions these are not rolled. Instead, each rank gives you one Songs use per mission. With each use of Songs you can inspire a squadmate, allowing them to push themselves at no cost. Each use of Songs for a specialist action or for a special ability alerts enemies and allies within a significant distance and is not advised for use during stealth scenes.

Troubadour Special Abilities

War Cry: You can spend one use of songs to lower enemy threat by one and allow all squadmates to ignore all harm penalties for one action.

Rally Cry: You can spend uses of songs as special armor to resist morale, mental, or emotional consequence for any squadmate.

Discordant Drone: You can spend one use of songs to disrupt any coordination and communication. Lower enemy scale to 1 for one action.

Live on in Song: When a legionnaire takes level 4 harm they do not immediately die, they finish playing out the rest of the scene ignoring the level 4 harm then die at the end of it.

Clear Beacon: While you remain in the scene squadmates can always find their way back to you should you become separated.

Inspiring Word: Once per mission while resting you can allow one Legionnaire to clear three stress.

I Will Never Yield: At any time you may invoke I Will Never Yield. Once you do, all your harm penalties are counted as one level lower (level 1 become ignored, level 4 becomes 3) for the rest of the scene but if you retreat in the scene you take 5 stress.

Troubadour Items and Loadout

Light Load:

Fine light instrument: A light horn, pan-pipe, hand drum, or other small instrument that could be carried on one hand. Can be used to assist over small distances.

Fine Pistol: A fine Orite revolver (five shots).

Ammo *****

Normal Load:

Fine instrument: A drum, bagpipe, heavy horn, or other two handed instrument that can be heard (and used to assist) across a battlefield.

Fine Armor: Provides 1 armor against physical attacks.

Battlefield Banner: A standard used to coordinate troops.

Heavy Load:

Fine Shield: Fully metal shield embossed with any symbol you desire. Provides 1 armor against physical attacks.

Fine Reliquary: Bones of ancient Chosen in vials of sacred oil. Shavings of relics. Tomes of blessed scripture written with the blood of Chosen. Spend to reduce corruption taken by 2 and +1d to resist it.

Fine Battle Standard (Instead of Banner): A glorious Battle Standard that rises above it all bearing the Legion’s seal and inspiring all who see it. May also be used as a fine long-spear in a pinch.

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Thinking more, it would be great if the Troubadour had a default special ability like the medic that incentivized bringing them even when they aren’t necessary for a mission.

Tale Weaver: When the Troubadour is assigned to a mission and returns add +1 Morale to the rewards for completing that mission. Gain this ability for free when you promote or create a Troubadour.

Songs and stories are also used to save and disseminate information. I wonder if there are any research abilities that would be relevant.

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Maybe change Inspiring Word to something like…
Tales of Valor: Take +1d to Research rules pertaining to the history of the legion or stories of the legion. Once per mission while resting you can make roll Research to recall a Tale of Valor from the legion’s history. One legionnaire restores stress dependent on the result. (1-3 = 1 stress, 4-5 = 2 stress, 6 = 3 stress, and Critical = 5 stress)

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