Favorite/Creative Veteran Abilities

Curious what memorable uses of other Playbook abilities you have either tried or seen in your games. This can include stand alone uses and whole stacking combinations. Some of mine include:

Hound with Tempest: run in guns blazing and then escape under the chaos of a thunderstorm. Alternatively, when mere weapons aren’t enough fire off an expertly aimed lightning bolt.

Slide with Infiltrator: walk straight up to high tier guards and spin lies like they are just another mook. Not only do you belong there, but you require an escort through the premises. Even better when paired with Mesmerism.

Spider with Vengeful: their web of information is all about serving out personal vendettas. Instead of looking just for contacts, they seek new enemies to manipulate and thwart. Additional points for mixing with Ghost Contract and cursing known oath breakers.


I would never have thought of using Infiltrator that way, that’s very clever. Love it!

Tempest for Hound seems like an odd choice to me, though. Hound is the one playbook that already starts out with effective ranged electrical attacks just out of the box.