FEEDBACK NEEDED! (Near Future Hack)

Hi all-
I would love some feedback on a card deck that I am making for my near future hack – Adrenaline. The intent is that the cards can serve as a random generator an aid during game play.

The “face” cards (10-K + Jokers) describe the 18 global factions in the center and then has prompts along the top and sides that can be mixed and matched to generate operations:

  • Position (for a specialized gathering info phase)
  • Adversary
  • Adversary Goal & Plan
  • Event
  • Clue
  • Mooks
  • Henchmen
  • Oracle (an evocotive word that can be used for tarot style divination).

The numbered cards (Ace - 9) can be used during score / operation generation and during game play. They have an obstacle that can be used during a score / operation in the center. Directly below that obstacle is a “chase event” that can be used during chase scenes. The following prompts are along the top and sides:

  • Location
  • City District Icon (entertainment, downtown, sprawl, outskirts)
  • Object
  • Event
  • Oracle
  • NPC (occupation, motivation, strength, weakness, archetype, appearance)

I would appreciate any feedback provided as to what you think is missing, or how the cards could be more useful.

The two Jokers & 2 numbered cards can be found here as examples.

I like the idea in theory, but wonder about it in practice. Using a deck of cards to help randomize or aide play is a great idea but I think it needs to be very fast and easy to use. Maybe these things are not an issue:

  • Lots of stuff on a card and two different varieties of cards each with different stuff. Might be a lot to interpret. Seems cluttered or “busy”. Half those things I dont personally need randomized.
  • These cards will only work in a Cyberpunk setting because the stuff on them is so specific. Thats clearly intentional, but maybe a simplified version that works with a standard poker deck which most folks have lying around?
  • Is this required to play your hack or just a helpful tool?
  • If this takes advantage of suits I cant tell
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As has been stated, these cards look very busy / difficult to parse. You might consider parsing down the information contained on each card, and breaking things out across multiple cards / decks. Like one deck for locations, another for NPCs, another for obstacles / adversaries, etc.

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