Feedback on ammo

I’m having fun thinking up ammo types with different effects for core Blaes. So first, is this the right place to post for feedback on home-brew things for core Blades or should that be in a different category?

If this is an appropriate category, I’d love people’s suggestions for improvement on the below homemade ammo types, and I’d love to see what others have made.

Given that the Blades world places additional drawbacks to wanton murder, we’ve been hacking up some non-lethal options…

Banshee ammo: A bandolier (or quiver) of ammo that is more firecracker than weapon. They cause little harm but are potent at intimidating foes unused to the piercing scream of its passage and thunderous bangs of its collision.

Blunt bolts: Crossbow bolts with flattened heads that do not pierce the enemy. Instead they cause blunt force trauma and violently shove and unbalance the target.

Power bolts: These are modified Blunt Bolts fitted with a glass cylinder head one can fill with a small dose of a powdered substance (usually a poison). Upon impact, the glass head shatters and disperses its contents 2 ft in all directions.

This last one my players like to fill with Drown powder so that enemies are incapacitated by the sensation of drowning, but are otherwise unharmed.