Finding FitD Games on Itch

Hey there! Given the difficulty in searching for FitD games in the storefront, I decided to make a list of all the FitD games currently on it! You’re free to send me all of your individual works so that I can post them on it as well. Thanks again! :smiley:


Lovely! Please check out Hello, World for your list!

Awesome! That’s a super cool idea! Encouraging good tag use would also help, but this is an excellent solution to the problem.

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I added it! Thank you for reaching out :smiley:

I’ve just added Shatterkin, my hack about kids with evolving monster pets, to, too!

Can you add it to the list?

Sure thing! :smiley:

Thanks for doing this!


This is a great idea, super cool of you putting the list together. In general would you say tagging stuff as fitd/forged in the dark is a good idea then?

Also, I’ll add mine to the mix if you don’t mind.

Thanks and great idea! Please add my game to the list:

Finally found the time to set it up and the nerve to finish those tax forms… brrr…

I would say so. It’s rather hard for me to look for games in this system I love otherwise haha.

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