First Session: 2 Missions - some thoughts

We got together and ran through our first missions last week and had a blast. I didn’t push for much role-playing during the in-between missions but we were getting our feet under us. That is alright.

We’re all Blades in the Dark vets, so the Position and Effect/Fiction First style of play came naturally to us.

The Ghost Owls all grown up
All of those rookies are now Soldiers after gathering XP from those two missions. Ghost Owls are bad-asses!

The rookie who stabbed the inquisitor is now called Stabber, despite their ancient and venerable family name their parents bequeathed upon them.

Special Project
The Quartermaster has started a special project, trying to put together a new way to hold more gear - hoping to pack up 3 gear onto the utility rig.

I said it was a 10-point clock to make the first one and then a 4-point clock to make each one after that. It was pointed out with a smile that I was being a tough GM on that and I’ll take that.

Second Mission
Command got word of a retired soldier turned priestess who refused to leave her church. It was said she was in her belltower, taking down troop movements, recording patterns and methods in her prayerbook.

I drew up an ugly map and wrote down one of the buildings as a warehouse.

When they got the intel that was their mission goal and their sniper had bought them some breathing room with a crit from the belltower - they searched the warehouse to see if there was any forage. I rolled a fortune die and got a 3. I said it was just some unspun wool but looking back I feel like I was being a hard-ass on that.

How about some mundane stuff on 3-5 and maybe something really cool on a 6 and nothing of use on a 1-2, maybe? Learning for next time. I feel like I didn’t reward their heads up play and it was a bit of a dick move.

The Grenade
The sniper-priestess was dead when they got there. They heard her fire in the days that they approached but heard it stop as she starved to death. There was no chance to save her.

The sniper-priestess rigged up a grenade on the trap-door. When the sniper tripped that trap, they used a Resistance roll to see that coming and disarm the trap.

I talked to Charlotte who was playing the Medic who found the book with the intel in it. I asked how deeply they read it over. She said she was just skimming to make sure it was the mission’s goal. If they had read it carefully, they would have found out that Blighter’s Lieutenant, Viktor Karhowl was going to be at this church soon and the late sniper-priestess thought that his guard might be light.

Staying to ambush him would’ve been a terrible idea but I just wanted to see what they would do. It didn’t happen, which is cool. It was a fun mission without it.

I’m loving it and we can’t wait to get back to it once everyone’s upcoming busy schedules shake out.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Well the basic mechanics on FITD seem to be 1-3 is a miss, 4-5 is a hit with complications, and 6 is a clean hit, so I think your ruling was fine. That said, I always come back to John’s advice on tuning the ruleset like a guitar to get what you want out of it. You could always have made the 1-3 result you get something with complications or a hard choice - that way, the players always get something when you feel they’ve “put in the work”, so to speak.

Nice to see the Ghost Owls are badasses in any universe :wink:

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Maybe use Scout as a Fortune roll going forward when they’re looking for forage? (similar to p25 in the beta).

Better chance at a 4 or higher assuming even one character has a Scout of 2 or better (more Fortune dice on the Fortune roll).

That or treat foraging in a place like a warehouse a bit like gathering information in Blades in the Dark where even a 1-3 gives at least a little something?

edit: Hell, retcon it a bit if you don’t like your decision in the moment. One thing I like about Blades is the way it grants explicit permission for GM behaviors like that.


I agree with this take. If there aren’t consequences/risks at stake, fortune rolls generally make more sense. So a 1-3 is: you get something, just not necessarily something all that useful. Maybe it is the thing you wanted, but a poor quality version.