Fistful of Darkness One-Shot on Twitch

Hello humans! I’m running a Fistful one-shot for Ghostlight RPGs this coming Friday at 8 p.m. CDT. In this female-centered weird western, our group of intrepid bounty hunters will enter Hell itself to get revenge on the mutated Ashmaker Gang.

It’s been a lot of fun to learn this hack by Stefan Struck! Would love to see some Blades folks there!


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Awesome! Hope you have fun. That’s it the dead of night here in my timezone, so I’m afraid I cannot watch live.

Stefan! No stress at all! Thanks for your work on the setting – it’s been fun to learn it! I’ll stick the youtube link on here once it’s on VOD, so it can be checked out at leisure by anyone in any time zone. :slight_smile:

1 Like Here is the youtube link!

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