Flame Without Shadow Questions

So my group and I have been playing the Flame Without Shadow playkit and been having a lot of fun with it. Their Mandate is actually to bring down the crew of Hawkers that were the PCs of our first Blades campaign. So that’s been an interesting dynamic as the characters slowly learn all the details the players know.

I have a few questions. I know the playkit is not entirely finished, but there are some items on it that aren’t explained in their entirety, at least not that I can see. For the most part, I don’t mind kind of coming up with our own way to handle, but I just wanted to double check in case there was a resource I was missing.

Most notably, I think the upgrades for the Mandate are what I’m unsure of. Cover Operation and Imperial Pardon; are either of these explained anywhere?

Also, funding; how are you guys handling that? We’ve been getting by with just kind of going with what makes sense and me awarding some funding when the PCs would seize funds from criminals or when they progress the Mandate. But is there a formalized way to handle this like in Blades proper?

If anyone’s got any additional insight on these, I appreciate it!

Cover operation is in the original game. I think the Assassins Crew sheet has it. Not sure if it is useful here in identical Form.

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Yeah, that’s the closest thing I could find, which gives us an idea to work with. The Mandate ability has two tiers, like some upgrades do, so it’s not a perfect match, but I can wing it if I have to.

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I also have a question about this kit! I have been looking for this kit for more than a year and I’m so happy I found it!
For the Imperatives (the mystical one) the claims map-type-thing has some pretty severe penalties per “claim” type. Not unfun, but severe. Should the ALL apply from the start of game and start getting easier as they are fixed? Coz that’s a pretty steep difficulty curve.
Or maybe the penalties kick in once the “claim” is revealed? That could be cool and dynamic.