For The Company: Military Fantasy ALPHA Play test

Do you read the Black Company and wish you could sneak around with Croaker, One-eye, and the rest of the hooligans?
Watch Vikings or Last Kingdom and yell “SHIELDWALL!” at the TV?
Ever wonder how Game of Thrones would have ended if the Brothers Without Banners took a couple cities and formed an actual government for the people?
Are you a Hardcore History nerd?

If so, consider joining me to play test For The Company.

I have hacked together a version of BitD that focuses on the exploits of a company and its leaders as they pursue wealth and fame. To help test its viability, I am looking for people interested in playing the game over discord and ROLL20 with a hacked roll20 sheet. To start. I will be running the sessions, but eventually, it would be extremely useful to have other GMs interested in giving it a whirl and share their feedback. I do not intend to publish this as an official Forged in the Dark publication and will eventually share it.

To give you a taste, here are few of the major additions/changes:

  1. A flexible system that introduces player choice on when to take downtime via company stances ; a new, simple roll to simulate how time passes; addition of new special upgrades for the Company; and a other changes to increase the variety of play styles open to the players.
  2. A new cohort system that provides more detailed units and leaders.
  3. Reworked payoff, heat, and rep to better suit fluid gameplay.
  4. Sorcery open to any player willing to take on the risks and rewards of being born with arcane abilities.

The Playtest

For those interested in the playtest, here is the campaign pitches. I will provide a copy of the hack and relevant setting info once we get the group figured out.

Scenario 1 (a true free company, 10th-13th century tech with sorcery)

Nearly fifty years ago the conquerors arrived from across the vast ocean. The invasion was unexpected and the enemy formidable. The Company was one of their mightiest rivals and as a result suffered greatly when your allies inevitably surrendered. Yet, the Company survived. Doing odd jobs barely making ends meat, it seemed they would never regain their former prestige and influence. You stand at the precipice of a critical decision: will you return to the Company’s rebellious roots, or forge a new legacy?

Scenario 2 (a crew on the sea, 10th-13th century tech with or without sorcery)

Most of your crew were born to the sea. Unhindered by lords and obligations, they flocked to leaders of fame and reputation, such as yourself. They are morally ambiguous and loyal. The only thing they ask is that you fill their purses, no matter the means.

Scenario 3 (knights leading an army, 10th-13th century tech with or without sorcery)

A lord should be a ring-giver. A lord should provide for their people and protect them. And thank the Fates, your lord is just that. You are the trusted commanders of the Queen’s forces and in this time of civil war, she needs you more than ever. Her younger, crueler brothers contest her crown and attack her people. She may be merciful and good, but you are not. After several devastating defeats, she finally permits you to raise the Black Banner. There will be no more quarter.

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Did you ever find anyone to playtest? I’m interested.

I am also interested in the answer to Alex’s question. If you’re still looking for playtesters, I’d definitely be willing to do so!

Potentially interested too, schedule permitting.

I would be interested. You might also want to check out the Hacked in the dark group on the Blades discord server. It is a great way to get feedback and some visibility.