For the Company: Military Fantasy Hack WIP

Touchstones: The Black Company, Total War Series, Crusader Kings II, Mount and Blade

The purpose of this post is to see if their is any interest in a Military Fantasy Hack and recruit other people willing to pitch. Doing a complete hack solo within a reasonable time frame would be daunting for me, and I am sure there other people who have amazing feedback/ideas that would make this project even better.

I have started working on a hack with a more open world military fantasy vibe using the SRD. I know BoB covers this subject, but I wanted something that provided more breadth of scope. Giving players the opportunity to be a free company taking contracts, invaders pillaging their way through green lands, oath-bound knights serving a lord, etc. I LOVE the Black Company, and I think BoB has done a great job of rendering that feel. Just reading through the book reminds of the retreat to Charm and the squabble among the Taken.

If anyone else is interested, I am still in the beginning stages and working on making a draft roll20 sheet. I think I have a decent first pass at an open-ended sorcery mechanic, which has not been play tested, otherwise I am trying to get a word doc together with the over arching details.