For the French-speaking FITD players

Hi everybody.

As you maybe know, the French versions of Blades in the Dark and band of Blades are going to get published and sent to subscribers and buyers very soon.

The owners of the most active pbta discord server had a “bitd” sub-discord but it was until now very quiet. On my request they have now created a full “Forged in the dark” category and a BitD and BoB channels. Everything is now ready to welcome as many French-speaking FitD players (if they don’t mind mingling with their pbta cousins) as possible.

For the moment there is not much of a conversation. Of course when the games will be really, really published, new GMs and players will arrive faster. There is however a French-language Band of Blades FAQ project that is pinned in the Band of Blades channels. Hopefully it will be useful.

If you are interested in an invitation to this server, send a message to me.