Forged in the Fire and Roll20 - a couple of questions

Our group is playing a BitD campaign on Roll20, using the standard character sheets, and we recently took the Forged in the Fire crew advancement, which lets us roll an extra die on Resistance checks. I have a couple of questions - one about the ability itself, the other about Roll20.

My question about the ability itself is, does it apply when rolling to Indulge Your Vice, since that is effectively rolling your lowest Resistance?

And about Roll20, is there an easy way to integrate the effect of this advancement into the individual character sheets? I’m not too confident in editing the calculations. So far, we’ve been manually adding a bonus die to each Resistance check, and forgetting to do so a lot of the time.

I think it only applies to actually Resisting Consequences. For indulging your vice, you’re just rolling your lowest Attribute, not resisting a Consequence.

IIRC, the little “cog” icon on the top right of the character page will allow you to add an extra die to each Attribute for Resistance Rolls.

I haven’t tested it myself, but I think that the Indulge Vice Prompt will tell the difference and not include the extra die for Forged in the Fire.

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