Fort Calisco Inkarnate

This was a map I put together after our group played through the Fort Calisco mission. I used Inkarnate (first finished map I’ve created with that tool). This particular siege was led by Render and Breaker.


This looks rad :slight_smile:

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This looks fantastic. You mentioned it’s your first completed map with Inkarnate - how do you feel about the tool overall? I mean, this looks awesome but what are your thoughts on overall ease of use, etc?

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It’s a nice tool. Nice enough I picked up the subscription to get access to the additional assets for a few bucks a month. Ease-of-use feels fairly high compared to similar mapping programs, and the learning curve is comparatively fairly low (specifically looking at CC3 here for comparison, also Wonderdraft). I’m probably going to do a deep-dive soon to see what edges I hit (how easy is it to create and add your own stamps? etc).

From experience with crafting this map, since Inkarnate uses bitmaps rather than vectors for drawing you’re locked into whatever size you chose to begin with. There are a lot of stamps and a number of styles, though, but I wish there were more (particularly for regional/local map styles; there’s a lot of stuff for battlemaps). However, the Reddit community appears fairly active, and there are plenty of tutorials.

Honestly, I’ve never finished a map in CC3, and only played around a bit with Wonderdraft, so the fact I actually finished a map in Inkarnate without having to read tutorials and manuals (I feel) says something about ease-of-use.


Nice - I appreciate you sharing your user experience. As a longtime CC3 user I can definitely sympathize with the learning curve (I have to reteach myself basic stuff whenever I take an extended break) and ease of use issues. I was looking at Inkarnate ass tool I could use for a faster workflow but I wasn’t sure about limitations - hearing that about sizing, for example, is really good to know going in :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I know what you mean about CC3 – I have to constantly go back to the manual to refresh/relearn basics if I’ve spent more than a couple weeks not using it (and forggidabout the more advanced functions).