Fort Calisco Missions

Wanted to share my missions for Fort Calisco. I played around with the rules, and as the Marshal and Lorekeeper are the roles that the least to ingame I wanted to put them on a mission.

Operation Fiery Fork, Religious Mission
Lorekeeper Lasya has been served and must appear before the court of Fort Calisco. The charges are grave and concerns the Legions actions in the salt mines of Mount Gram. They are accused of graverobbing, blasphemy and worst of all: MURDER. The Church of Mattiar furthermore claims that the deal relating the Hammer of Mattiar was done in bad faith and must be disputed. Special: Lorekeeper Lasya must be deployed on this mission as a Specialist.

Rewards: The Legion keeps the Hammer of Mattiar and the church pays reparations +1 Supply.
Penalties: The Legion lose the Hammer of Mattiar, -1 Morale

Operation Spring Tiger, Assault Mission
Disturbing news has reached the sensitive ears of the Legion. If it was not bad enough that the Legion is now trapped in Fort Calisco with enemies on all sides, it seems now there is also an enemy within. Intel reports suggest that the Cinder Kings forces are moving an assassin into the city to kill Marshal Dardhi! A security detail is assembled to protect the Marshal day and night to foil this plot. Special: Marshal Dardhi must be deployed as a Specialist on this mission.

Rewards: The Marshal lives, +2 Morale, -1 time
Penalties: The Marshall is killed/put out of action for the rest of the campaign. -2 Morale, under engagement rolls Leadership always needs to be managed by rolling dice (1-3: -1 die, 4-5: +0d but something consequence occurs such as missing gear on the mission etc., 6: +0d) The Discipline skill will be used for this.

Operation Blue Trouble, Supply Mission
The smugglers of Fort Calisco does not seem to let the “disappearance” of Sly Serge come in the way of some sweet war profiteering. Hearing tales of the Legions exploits in sneaking into hostile territory, the smugglers needs something “acquired” from a basement in Fort Calisco. That basement just so happens to be under the Orrite Guard Mechaniqué headquarters. The smugglers are willing to handsomely for the “delivery of goods”.

Reward: +2 Supply and access to the smuggler tunnels out of Fort Calisco (The Legion cannot advance before they have these, but they can also be acquired by the Quartermaster in the Campaign Phase)
Penalties: None

Deploying Legion Leaders on missions:
When it makes sense in the fiction, the Legion Leaders can also be deployed. The respective player can build them as a Specialist of their choice. After normal character creation take 8 advances to reflect the leaders hard won experience. They follow all normal rules on the mission and can die.