Fort Calisco (spoilers)

I’m trying to make sense of the special rules around Fort Calisco.

My players have completed the mandatory special mission upon arrival, to break the siege and allow the Legion to arrive at the Fort, with a rousing victory. This mission was necessary to advance, but what I want to understand is, is that all that is required? It’s unclear to me if ‘breaking the siege’ implies that it is functionally over, or not.

In our case, Blighter’s siege weaponry, ammunition, and the alchemists used to create have all been destroyed, along with non-trivial damage to the primary force inflicted by the Chosen’s stalling action. Is it expected that some route out of the fort (e.g., smugglers) is still required to advance? If so, what does a model for that look like? A long-term project?

As the few lines by Dame Mikila Savrelli on page 415 show clearly, the route that you have carved yourself to get IN fort Calisco can’t be the route that you need to get OUT of Fort Calisco – and that’s quite logical, since where you wanna go is not where you’re coming from.

As for the way to find a route out of the fort, it’s up to you. A LTP, why not? I wouldn’t make it too long. Or you could design a mission “Find a route out” (Recon/itinerary, of course don’t get yourself detected). In our table, everybody thought we had done enough missions here, we just “bought” a way out by spending one Supply. Not the most interesting way, sure, but you can frame it fictionaly.