Free Clocks for your Online Games

Still waiting for my proof copy, so I had some time to create new clocks for you. Hope you like them. 4er-, 6er, 8er-clocks included in the download.

They look like this

Use them as is or with additional steampunky props on your desktop. It would be cool to see some screenshots if and how you used them.



Thank you for sharing.

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These are great! A 10-clock would be great too!

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Very stylish! 12 as well :slight_smile:

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Oh, my. Not in the canon, right? Just use 6+4! … mmmmrrggg. I see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Oh, my. Not in the canon, right? Just use 6+6! … mmmmrrggg. I see what I can do. :slight_smile:

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Added 10er clocks to the zip (same download link than above). They look like this

@Valyar Sorry, no 12er clocks. Won’t fit on the clock face and it’s against (my) law. No 12 clocks in the book or did I miss them? Split up the task, ok? :slight_smile:


It is fantastic! :slight_smile: No problem for the 12-clocks, it is extreme one anyway!

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Obviously, you can throw more or less segments on clocks to match the complexity of obstacles. I’m surprised there are no 10-clocks explicitly in the book, because I’ve used them all the time. But there are a several factions listed with 12 clocks, like the Church eliminating the Reconciled.

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These are seriously fun.

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ssssshhh. We don’t talk about about the Church in the open :wink:

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From what I can tell, BitD only goes up to 8 segments, but some of the Forged in the Dark games have 10 and 12 segments as well.

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BitD goes up to eleven :wink:

There are plenty of 12 clocks on factions. But indeed on the Clocks chapter, page 15 it mentions 8 clock as a daunting obstacle.

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BitD goes up to eleven

All the pages I could find that mention the length of the clocks (15-17, 21-22, 63, 67, 139, 154, 158, 179, 199, 222-224, 226, 228) go up to 8 segments only. Where have you seen that clocks in BitD go up to 11 segments? Or am I misunderstanding that statement?

Yes, this is a Spinal Tap joke

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This is rather interesting and actually gave me some ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry Minakie, that was indeed a reference to the famous Spinal Tap joke.

On Faction Clocks there are plenty of 12 clocks, ie. page 294-295 for Lord Scurlock or Sparkwrights faction clocks.

But when I reread the part on clocks and long term projects I also found suggestion of linked clocks, so if there is a really big obstacle, one could consider splitting it into smaller clocks, that are linked - once you fill up the first part of the obstacle you have to deal with another.

On scores probably clock bigger than 8 make little sense, since scores are intended to be fast paced and rather short, so big clocks would slow things down.

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Ah, that explains why I hadn’t come across the 12-segments clocks yet.
Our GM gave us permission to read pretty much anything we wanted in the BitD manual except for the Factions part, in order to avoid any major spoilers of stuff he might want to use in our campaign, so I’ve done my very best to steer away from that chapter in particular.