Free NPC generator web app

Hi all,

I built a simple webapp for generating NPCs for my S&V campaign, and wanted to share it with ya’ll! I’ve deployed it online so you should be able to just go on, play around and export characters as txt files.

Would love feedback on how to make it better!



PS: the app does weird things when (after you generate a character) you keep clicking on the checkboxes, for example adding, removing, then adding again the “extra flavours”. However, I suppose it isnt’ built to function that way, simply I love to tamper with it and find out how the things can go badly :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t know if you already know the side
In the past I found it cool for generating things, and build some easy generator using its “programming” rules.
For example, here one of the first S&V generator I found there:
The cool thing is that you can go into “edit” mode, and give a look to the lists they used, and the structure of the generator: this way you could easily expand your own creations, or simply find nice inspirations.

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