Friends/Rivals Killed Off In Game

Wondering what others do when a starting friend/rival NPC dies in the course of the narrative! Do you let PCs pick a new one or just keep their ghost around? :sweat_smile: :ghost:

I treat the contact lists as starting off points. You can add folks to them either through scores, long term projects, or as a result of the fiction, and folks can be removed as well, either because they move, they aren’t willing to talk to you anymore, or the perish.

But I think in general if a contact died, I’d want to consider if it was possible for them to stick around as a ghost. I mean, how could would it be to have Rorick, leader of the Crows, now dead on your contact list!


That sounds like a good way to approach it, thanks! Interestingly in a recent score our group killed off an NPC, a legendary assassin who was targeting one of their contacts. I wasn’t expecting them to get taken out so soon (critical roll, what can you do)!

Then when we rolled entanglements they got Unquiet Dead…so I think the assassin will be hanging around for a while and may well become a useful contact themself!

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One of my crewmates’ foes showed up to screw with us during a score, so my character murdered her in cold blood right then and there. My character was shortly thereafter given a little card; reading it summons her ghost to possess you. Of course, he found that out the hard way…