Hi! I’m realizing I never wrote about this when I first started proper development, so I figure I should do it now! I’ve been working on Future.Shock on and off for a few years now, and this last March, I decided to finally get my stuff together and start releasing something coherent.

In short, Future.Shock is a transhumanist game about life in the far future. Humanity has settled the solar system, and now live in a number of connected habitats known as the Grand Design. We have abandoned our fleshy bodies in favor of more adaptive sleeves, and post-scarcity principles and philosophies ensure that no one goes without their basic needs being attended to.

The player characters are a community of artists, performing or otherwise, seeking fame and glory among the stars. We follow them from small-time gigs to the greatest stages in the solar system; from a small group of dedicated fans to an audience in the billions.

As mentioned, the game is in active development; I’m currently aiming for a gradual release all throughout 2021. The first release, Become as Gods, describes the underlying sentiment and philosophy that powers the Grand Design, as well as dig into some more specific details about the setting itself.

The game can be found here! Check it out, let me know what you think, and happy gaming!

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