Gaining Assets on Supply Missions?

When a Supply mission says it offers an Asset does that mean the GM chooses between Black Shot, Food, Horses or Religious Supplies or are Rookies, Laborers and Alchemists included as possible Assets to be grabbed in a Supply mission?

For this, I look at Acquire Assets and note that Laborers, Siege Weapons and Alchemicals are minimum Fine quality and Alchemists and Mercies are Exceptional.

So if the reward offers an asset (without qualifiers), I assume that’s Black Shot, Food, Horses or Religious Supplies. If the reward is a Fine or Exceptional Asset, I allow those. I only allow Rookies on a result of “Troops”.


Fine Asset…I totally missed that.

Thank you.

I definitely use troops as Assets.

In general the rule is if it says “Asset” it’s something you can reasonably acquire for one supply. And you will ALWAYS get at least 5 rookies on a resupply.

If you want something “better” (IE fine or exceptional) you should totally include it but give it some problems. Is it an alchemist? Maybe they have some corruption. That Mercy might be super wounded (it’ll take 2+ R&Rs before she’s useable). Is that rad siege weapon out there? It’s probably a little roughed up and might take an action to repair.

Imagine it’s a “normal” result roll for such an asset.

Little hack for you to help spice up those missions ^_~

Obviously if your legion is starved for horses, and they’re looking for horses, and have been looking for horses, you don’t have to look too hard. But if you’ve had a few warehouse raids for food, I find it fun to offer something a little weird to mix things up and make the mission parameters exciting.


Interesting. Didn’t know that Troops count as a “normal” asset. Good to know!

I’m thinking that for those first missions I’ll keep it basic but in later missions it is nice to have other options for creative ways to get in what the fiction demands in ways that still fit into the randomly generated missions.

Is there a point late in the game where the fiction is demanding hand-made missions just about 24/7?

I’d think that at that point it’ll be pretty easy to whip up missions because it will be obvious what the fiction is demanding and I’ll have more experience with the system under my belt.

This just makes me want to play so bad!!!

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I hear ya. Summer travel plans are wreaking some havoc on our gaming plans but we managed to get our next game on the calendar for early June.

Pretty interested to hear how it goes. :slight_smile: There’s a surprising number of BoB games cropping up (and secretly I’m excited to hear about all of them).

Doesn’t need to be secret. It is exciting!