Gallows Pass missions

Missions I generated for my campaign:

Operation Red Tornado, Religious
As things have begun to look dire for the Legion in Gallows Pass the Lorekeeper has been digging deep into his rolling library and has found a passage to share with Legions the High Command. It tells of ancient times when a Holy Man was being hunted through these mountains by a great evil. The details are sparse but apparently the gods were impressed by his wisdom and showed him a safe path through the mountain to the safety of Talgon Forest. It might be a high tale but in dire situations all opportunities must be considered and the undead are hot on your heels and the road through the mountains are hard going.

Rewards: -1 Time, +2 xp. Favor: Knowledge
Penalties: None (except from the Gallows Pass itself)

Operation Blind Citadel, Assault
Some Legionnaires have begun to step warily around camp and more have been looking at their slog through the pass with little hope. Rumors circulate that other travelling bands have been harried by unknown forces and several instances of finding campgrounds in bloody tatters are threatening the Legions cohesion. Others say that something evil crept out of Osyingra’s tomb and followed the legion and that is has been howling at the night patrols. Whatever force that plagues the soldier’s sanity, send out some Legionnaires whose nerves has not frayed yet and put an end to whatever plagues the Legions path.
Special: Legionnaires with traumas cannot be sent on this mission.
Reward: +4 Morale
Penalties: +1 Pressure

Operation Hidden Thunder, Religious Special Mission
Of the holy sites here, none are better known than the monastery of Kevala. Having trained two people who were Chosen in the Quiet Era right after the Last Emperor’s death, it’s a powerful holy place known to
bless all who light its fires and reside within for a week—neither such power nor the flames will stand unchallenged by undead that enter the mountains.

Rewards: +2 Morale. +1 Supply. Blessing: Choose one, and you may mark 1 time per each additional: All Legion Specialists gain 2 xp—Your Chosen gains 2 favor—Promote two Rookies into Soldiers.
Penalties: None.