Gold & Glory: Remapping Band of Blades to Warhammer's Old World

Here’s something I’ve been noodling with for a while; a resource for running Band of Blades in Warhammer’s Old World (specifically, in the Border Princes region). It includes a map, location guides, extensive heritage and career tables, and various ideas on how to remap the BoB worldbuilding to warhammer fantasy.

Band of Blades is a great example of how mechanics and setting can be tightly intertwined to elevate both, so trying to reskin BoB was a fun challenge. Obviously you lose some of the nuances of theme that Stras and John have woven into the game, but I do think a Warhammer mercenary campaign would be a hoot!


Tim. This is super rad. :slight_smile:

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Phew! Glad you approve. I felt guilty about trying to disassemble and reassemble such a finely-constructed clockwork mechanism.

I expect some folks to feel nervous about the complexity but please don’t ever feel guilty. That’s what design and homebrewing is all about! Hahaha :slight_smile: Also there’s some really clever choices in here.


Just noticed that on Heritage there is no result for 86-90.

Whoops, good catch! I knew I was going to mess that up (manual numbering). Look out for version 1.1 :wink:

Also the numbers 31-32 appears 5 times on the Former Career Table. Other than that, Fantastic work and I am trying to wrangle together a campaign of this as I type this.

Hah, where’s my proof-reading… I’ll fix these this afternoon and replace the PDF. Thanks! Let me know if you do get a game going, I’d love to know how it plays for you.

That’s fixed now, same link as above ( Thanks again!

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I was looking over this, I have got a game ready to begin on Monday, but did some extra hacking if you would be interested in looking into it.

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This is great Thomas, nice work. If you get a chance, do share how the game goes.