Google Sheet BoB Mission Generator

Hi everyone, new here. I fell in love with Band of Blades after running a single session last Saturday. I looked around for mission generators and didn’t find one that had quite all the features I wanted, so I made one in google sheets.


  • Limits available mission types based on selected location
  • Set Commander’s Focus mission type
  • Set GM’s Choice mission type
  • Indicate whether Commander spent Intel to obtain Special Mission
  • Generate Mission Names from core book list, or an expanded list (that you can easily add to if you save your own copy)
  • Provides type questions for each mission type
  • Provides subtype details (include descriptions for “Dangerous” recon missions and “Favored” religious missions)
  • Provides favor details

@stras If this violates any IP rights, please let me know and I’ll take it down.

Here’s the link:

Note that I know just enough Excel to be dangerous. I don’t recommend digging around in the hidden tabs. It is also more functional than aesthetically pleasing.

If you see any bugs, let me know. Also, I’ll add any names suggested in this thread to the expanded names list (or my personal silly list, as appropriate).

Happy gaming!


You’re good bud. If you can say it’s a fan creation somewhere that’d be great.

That’s Stras, I updated it to mention it is a fan creation.

This is awesome!
Because I’m lazy I also added oracle rolls from Ironsworn, Delve, and Mythic GME to my copy of your sheet, so I can think less about generating missions.
Their output isn’t always relevant, sometimes appears to cross into mechanics territory, is sometimes contradictory - but that’s ok, they’re only there for inspiration. I ignore anything that doesn’t seem helpful.

Here’s a screenshot of the oracles’ output:


That’s great! I’d love a link to your updated copy.

I would also! Great job, Barlimain!

I’d love nothing better than to share it publicly, I’m not 100% sure that would be ok to do here? I’ve used tables from paid products, would I be breaking forum rules if I posted it here? @mods? @moderators? (Discord has spoiled me, I don’t know how to contact mods anywhere else now…)

I’ve expanded it further, with a few miscellaneous tables below what I already had, and tables from the incredibly good Starvation Cheap above what I already had - it’s written for scifi, and although I made a few changes to fit fantasy most of it is still as-is, might require a little translation.

Here is a screenshot of my oracles now - each of the three columns is output for a mission (more than you could comfortably use for a mission probably - pick and choose):

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Sorry for the delayed response, @Barlimain. I guess it depends on the copyright for the products. If this is a fan creation, it’s usually considered fair use.

I’d love to see your oracles too. I always a like an oracle and crafting new missions whole cloth can be a little daunting at times.

I’ve also thrown together a few more mission names to get a little more variety.

Mission Names
Desert Tusk
Forthright Vessel
Scarlet Guardian
Striking Tower
Blind Fist
Poison Backflip
Shining Rhino
Burning Serpent
Dusty Heart
Rusty Wheel
Flooded Cavern
Tangled Lord
Frozen Horn
Lost Ember
Red Iron

Here’s the spreadsheet. Like I said above, it generates more for each mission than you can use. My favourites for this are the Ironsworn and Delve oracles.

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These oracles are great! I just used them to make a couple of missions and they really helped.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but - have you got a new link for this spreadsheet? Looks like exactly the sort of thing I was about to spend a load of time making :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Yep, here’s a new link:

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Fantastic, thank you!