Group action question

Can players aid each other during a group action?

For example, three players are attempting a Prowl group action. Player A is going to lead it. Can Player A aid player B, then player B aid player C, then player C aid Player A, thereby only costing themselves one stress each instead of one of them having to push themselves for two stress?

If so, it seems like gaming the system a little. I’ve got no real beef with it and I’ve let it happen so far, but I want to make sure it’s legal.

I don’t think it’s legal (and shouldn’t be).
P134 says: " A character may assist a group action, but only if they aren’t directly taking part in it."


Elvatuar’s right. If you’re taking part in a group action (or acting on your own), you can’t aid somebody at the same time. That’s true even outside of group actions. And of your action is a setup action, it’s not part of the GA either.

I’ve read the book a dozen times, I’ll bet, and somehow missed that line. Thanks!