Hack for FitD - 12 actions down to 9

Hi all.

I’m looking at changing the number of actions from 12 down to 9 and giving all PCs a +1 resistance dice.

Other than the obvious ‘slightly more powerful PCs’ what might the effects of such a change create?

I’m a big fan of that change, and I’d actually even consider leaving out the +1 die. 4d Resist is very strong, and will often mean paying no stress to Resist.

It might create some ‘imbalance’ depending on which actions you choose and which roles different PCs take, where one player needs to spend a lot more exp to reach the same level of competency. The base game has the same problem though, so just something to keep an eye out for.

What interests me is which actions do you want to get rid off. As Ian Hart said, this may create imbalance. You might have to completely rewrite and redefine a number of actions so that they still encompass the great variety of actions pcs can take.

Whether adding +1d to resistance roll is necessary for the kind of gameplay you’re looking for, has to be tested. An alternative to this is that players could choose 1 attribute where they get this +1d. Just an idea.

Thanks for your replies!

Making a hack for a fantasy world in early medieval era.

Looking to roll consort and sway together, finesse and skulk together, while removing wreck and attune.

Also looking at moving the skills between the three attributes a little more evenly imo.


Insight has survey, hunt, sway

Prowess has battle, finesse, vigour

Resolve has command, study, tinker

Vigor is physical strength and endurance, capability, finesse is graceful and dextrous capability.

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I’m using 9 actions in my “Monster League” game.

I’d also recommend leaving out that 1d to start with. Yes, their theoretical maximum resistances are lower, but unless you make other tweaks, they’re not getting any fewer action dots, so their actual resistances are going to be comparable to blades.