[Hack the Planet] B/W-friendly sheets?

So I’m thinking about running Hack the Planet soon. While the material given is super pretty and useful, I am running into a small problem - when printed in black and white, the red of the sheets is almost identical in shade to pencil graphite. This makes reading stuff at a glance harder than it should be.

So… has anyone made more b/w-friendly versions?

Strange, when I print it on my b/w printer it looked fine. I went into InDesign to change it for printing. But the problem I ran into when making b/w sheets after the fact was that the layout artist I paid to create the playbooks in InDesign didn’t make a template in a master file, but came up with the design and duplicated the page for each playbook. They are made up of quite a few parts as well, so changing colours is actually a huge pain in the butt because I have to hunt the individual assets placed (which becomes difficult because there are multiple assets overlaying each other) and change each one individually, rather than just editing the master and applying it to everything. I may attempt it again when I have more time, though.