Hack the Planet rules: what's different to BitD?

I’m currently reading Hack the Planet and I really want to run it some day. Currently I’m half way through the book, and I’m really digging the small changes Frasier made in the lay-down of the rules. But I do have a hard time figuring out the delta to BitD, and I’m a bit worried I might mix them up.
Is there somewhere a short vis-a-vis of what Hack the Planet does differently from Blades?

What I found so far:

  • the explicit mentioning of action roles during flashbacks, and not distinguishing between rolls in the present and the past.
  • stress cost are not maxed at 3, but rather 0,1, 2 or more

Is there anything significant I’m missing?



One more thing i noticed is the difference in “Sway”.
In blades this is all kind of social manipulation, with good or bad intent.
In HtP this is split into “Controlling” and “sway”. Where sway covers the good intention part (if I get it correctly).

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Yeah any of the verbs that overlap have different functionality in Hack the Planet, so I would read through all of them so you get it. Even Finesse is codified a bit differently because of its overlap with other actions.

In addition to what you mentioned already:

Healing is substantially different. You can use a Recharge on the job to heal but it’s risky. Healing, in general is also different: every die in the die pool counts toward the healing clock.

I believe Heavy armour is just one additional load, from what I recall.

Devil’s Bargains are called Ripples.

There is a stress xp track you can train in, which is tied to getting more cyberware/cybernetic systems installed.

Off the top of my head, that’s the major stuff. Might be missing some more things.


Ah, cool you’re here @Frasersimons
Thanks, I noticed the different wordings. And as I progressed through the book I found the difference in the actions. I guess the transition could be a bit rough, when I start GMing HtP, as I need to unlearn some things. But I guess it’s fine.
I think I’ write all the small and bigger differeneces down and keep it ready when I start with HtP. I guess this could help me get into it.


I’d like a copy of that cheat sheet. :slight_smile:

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