Has anyone played the Rebels (jailbreak) starting mission?

Might have a group of Rebels on my hand, and I’m wondering how to proceed.

Do you have any specific questions or areas of concern? That starting scenario isn’t fundamentally different from any other job in S&V.

We did an episode of Scum and Villainy where we played this score. What questions did you have? I thought it was super cool, but have some ideas how I would have done it differently.

  1. The power outage in the beginning is a good point in the action to cut to, but make sure to add an imminent threat to the opportunity like the gate to the crew’s stuff is closing or a guard is running toward an alarm/emergency station.
  2. Talk to the players before hand to see what NPC’s in the crew creation phase they’d actually want to rescue. The character I picked didn’t mean enough to one of the crew and they resolved that clock with a shrug like “so what if he’s in prison”
  3. Have there be space cops who try to disable their ship as they are leaving! The rebel ship is good at fighting and it gave our pilot a really cool moment after feeling a little boxed in without anything to helm.