Header Images for Duskwall Districts

I GM Blades in the Dark using Roll20, whether the game is remote or in person. Since there’s no need for encounter maps, I put up District-themed art during the Score, or when the players are spending a while in a particular place.

Sometimes my players need a refresher or are traveling to a new part of the city. In Roll20 chat, I have a macro that throws up a brief description of the district so everyone can review if they like. I use these image headers for each district to make them pop in the chat and to make them easily found when someone is scrolling back to find them.


They are all black PNGs with transparency, and can be downloaded or linked to here:

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Nicely done!

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Thanks! The excellent Roll20 integration of BitD sets a high standard.

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These look so good!


Oh, these are fantastic!

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