Heists in the Dark: the Second Heist Deck

Draw cards for two people–one is targeting the other. Draw cards for three places; somewhere to meet the client, somewhere to carry out the heist, and somewhere to drop off the objective and/or get paid. Draw a heist objective, and a couple complications. Just like that, you’ve got a job for your crew.

Don’t put a lot of prep into a job the crew doesn’t take. Now you can be ready to send them into danger for Coin on the fly.

The people and places are drawn from my games and fiction. Fifty people, heist objectives, complications, and locations. Mix and match, lay out a mission like a Tarot reading and unlock your creativity as you interpret it for your game table.


I have ordered proofs of the print on demand cards, and will post here when they are available. Right now the print and play version is up and ready for your use.

If you already have the Duskwall Heist Deck, you can use the decks together. The Duskwall Heist Deck focuses on people, treasures, and threats. Those elements can be added to spice up Heist in the Dark missions, or provide context and texture for them. Likewise, the Heist in the Dark deck can provide structure around pursuing goals or people in the Duskwall Heist Deck. It’s all inspiration, not rule structure, so you can swirl the pieces together to taste. The Heists in the Dark deck doesn’t have any treasures or threats, and the Duskwall Heist Deck doesn’t have locations, heist types, or complications. Together, you get a richer tapestry of ideas to deepen your preparation or improvisation.


Sounds like a nice add-on to the game!, any plans to put both decks in a bundle?

That’s a good idea. Here you go! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/353471/Decks-in-the-Dark-BUNDLE


I have recieved the proofs, so the print on demand and the print and play versions are now available! I celebrated by creating a sample heist with the deck. Want to see how it works? Have a look.


Excellent, I just bought it!

Are the places in the deck places on a map or just where I think they probably are placed?

I’m working on my own deck of cards idea for BitD.
It’s specific to Duskvol so it doesn’t fall under the Creative Commons license as I understand it.

How are dealing with that?
Esp. with offering it for sale?