Hello World: Tweaking/rationalizing payoff

So, I’m excited for Hello World by @umbralAeronaut , and I’m already writing up my own personal setting and filling in what gaps I can with homebrew. In my version of the setting, Coin is (allegedly) backed by priority access to memory, the only really scarce resource in the cyberspace setting. I’m trying to write up rules for different crew types, but I’m having some difficulty rationalizing how a crew of activists would obtain Coin from certain types of scores, and could probably use some ideas.

  1. Donations from people swayed by a demonstration or whatever.
  2. A Mysterious Benefactor funds the group for their success.
  3. A reward from the inscrutable AI Administrators for “driving User engagement.”
  4. Additional income from people frequenting the crew’s coffeehouse for discussing art, literature, and overthrowing the status quo.

Alternatively, I might go for some alternate form of income so they can fund their activities. I did skim some BitD fan content for ideas, but I’m still new to the system, so please forgive me if I’ve missed any obvious answers.

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I am summoned! This kind of interpretive effort is delightful to see, and I hope that even when I flesh out the corners of the setting more (in terms of “what drives everything”) that you won’t be deterred from making it your own even so. A few of your ideas about a discrete benefactor are similar to the “Council” crew type that will be part of the next HW version release (fyi this is what the “Conspiracy” crew type morphed into as it was developed).

I’ve been working a summer internship that just ended last week and my hope is to have this new version out to HW owners before the end of next month! You will also see the Revisionists there and a lot of new flavor and setting (including an update to the Daemon playbook!). Here’s another preview I’m happy about:


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Sweet. Consider me excited for the update. Looking forward to Council as an alternative crew type for what I want to do as a player.

From the Revisionist opportunities, it sounds like you’re leaning hard into treating it like actual time travel. The mysterious benefactor in the OP could be the crew’s future selves, forked timelines, or something like that.

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Oh, yeah, when you say “Next month” did you mean September or October? I noticed you posted on August 31, so I just want to be clear.