Help in coming up for Ideas to kill the Broken

Hey, so I’ve come to a rather difficult situation that I didn’t really think would come up. In my last session my players accomplished the special mission that gives them the head of a chosen, which has to answer questions truthfully. Due to the fact that my players have been doing ludicrously well, they are actually fairly stacked and intend on asking it on how they would be able to actually kill one of the Broken. So I’d love to hear what ideas anyone else has come up with, or what they actually had their players do in their own campaigns. For refrence, the two Broken in my campaign are Blighter and Breaker.

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Here is a good thread on the subject.

“How do we kill a Broken?”
“With great difficulty.”

The head has to be truthful, not complete :wink:

More seriously, if you can’t think of anything, ask your players: “So what do you think the head tells the Legion?” Your own players are a beautiful source of information about the world.