Hexhounds: Doskvol Illuminator

I got ambitious today and cranked out the front page of a newspaper for my bold scoundrels. I truly hope they do not get to expecting that every session, but it was fun once. (And actually it’d be easier to do the second time; this one took me around three hours but I could cut it down by an hour or so now that I’ve got a basic layout going.)

I used the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society props & fonts pack for typefaces and to get a good idea of appropriate layout. The rest was Apple Pages and a lot of fiddling around.

The Water Rats story is a background clock that just filled – the PCs haven’t interacted with it yet, though. They may not ever. Six Towers Slaughter is one of their recent scores, and the incarcerated Lady Valcorel is a PC’s parent.

If you happen to want a full PDF, I linked that from my blog.


Illuminator! Great name for the paper.

My old workplace has thousands of historic newspaper available free online if you want references or resources to use. The caveat being it’s the national library of Australia :slight_smile:
Trove digitised newspapers


That is a tremendous resource! Thank you.

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