Hexhounds: Doskvol Illuminator


I got ambitious today and cranked out the front page of a newspaper for my bold scoundrels. I truly hope they do not get to expecting that every session, but it was fun once. (And actually it’d be easier to do the second time; this one took me around three hours but I could cut it down by an hour or so now that I’ve got a basic layout going.)

I used the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society props & fonts pack for typefaces and to get a good idea of appropriate layout. The rest was Apple Pages and a lot of fiddling around.

The Water Rats story is a background clock that just filled – the PCs haven’t interacted with it yet, though. They may not ever. Six Towers Slaughter is one of their recent scores, and the incarcerated Lady Valcorel is a PC’s parent.

If you happen to want a full PDF, I linked that from my blog.

(John Harper) #2

Illuminator! Great name for the paper.

(Peter Cobcroft) #3

My old workplace has thousands of historic newspaper available free online if you want references or resources to use. The caveat being it’s the national library of Australia :slight_smile:
Trove digitised newspapers


That is a tremendous resource! Thank you.