High Road missions

Operation Red Sun, Assault Special Mission
Archangel Bridge is a stone bridge, 300 paces long, carved with ornate religious imagery, stone railings, and steps leading up and down either side. It’s also one of the only direct routes to Skydagger. Deploy two squads, three Specialists, and your Chosen, who suspects that holding here will force an enemy Broken to take the field. Help your Chosen fight off two waves of enemies and keep them safe from aerial and ranged units while they duel the Broken, to buy the Legion time at Skydagger.

Reward: +5 Morale, -3 time
Penalties: None

Operation Green Jack, Recon Mission
Vital documents have gone missing from the Legion War Room and foul play is suspected. Missing are the Legions most updated information on Skydagger Keep and its environments, and if the Legion does not recover it the enemy forces might be able to take advantage and blindside the Legion at Skydagger Keep. A few brave men must be sent back in the hellish winter and fallout from the burning Panyar forest. Locate the thief and retrieve the documents before they reach the enemy lines.

Rewards: +3 Intel
Penalties: +1 Pressure

Operation Brass Knuckle, Recon Mission
The Cinder Kings forces have been hot on the heels of the Legion all the way through Aldermark. Now as you are leaving its boundaries and going for the border to The Western Kingdoms, they will try to overtake the Legion. Legion intelligence suggests that a tribe of mountain dwellers have sided with The Cinders Kings forces in return for neutrality and will guide them through paths not known to outsiders all the way to Skydagger Keep. This must be stopped, or the Legion will face opposition from too many directions to navigate the high road safely.

Reward: +2 Intel
Penalties: 1 Death

The players went for Operation Green Jack and then Red Sun for secondary which they hope to spike to 6d with Loremaster Story benefits.